Notes on politics for artsy-liberals

Posted by RDN under Politics & campaigns on 18 July 2016

I have posted four linked posts on what bright, educated, nice, liberal-minded and especially young voters ought to do instead of feeling disquiet about Brexit, the disaffected white working class, and the Tories. A brief guide to these brief notes follows…

#1 How the centre-left can thrive
This is a quick sketch of our contemporary political history, and shows why neither left nor right have monopolies on virtue or toxicity. But one must muck-in, or democracy dies.

#2 Tories aren’t nasty, but Labour are negative
This is a quick sketch of the delusionism of most artsy-liberals, who love big causes (often vaccuous) and hate petty politics (which are absolutely vital). It says they should stop holding their noses, get their heads out of their mobiles, and join in the mucky business of democracy.

#3 Artsy liberals, pls rethink the left
The artsy-liberal Corbynista is a classic of the idealist who has been suckered by the cynic. The automatic liberal assumption that the Conservatves are nasty has led political naifs into the Labour party when their heads and hearts ought at least to prompt an interest in the Conservatives as a possible political home for their aspirations.

#4Labour, LibDem or Tory: Join up! Join up!
This squib proposes that joinging a politicial party is the first – not the final or ultimate – step in being a democrat. Don’t worry too much about which party and above all don’t just sleep-walk into the comfort zone of choice. But join, support and if need be transform a politicial party. Failing that, join together with allies in the your constituency, and sponsor an independent. (More on this last option soon.)


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