Poem: A Norfolk Spring Trio #3

Posted by RDN under RDN's poems on 15 March 2017

These Norfolk Spring Trio poems are:

#1 Blackthorn Winter
#2 Church and Copse
#3 Norfolk, UK, The Universe

This is #3 Norfolk, UK, Universe

Norfolk Trio #3 Norfolk, UK, Universe
Richard D North

As a boy –
a suburban teenager
growing up with Cliff, Ray Charles
and the Stones –
I walked sunny roads
where friendly semis
poured forth girls
the cherry blossom,
put me in an ecstasy.

I knew each molecule of each
Surbiton petal.
And way beyond all that,
but next door too,
I knew each atom of every star
waiting for its night-time turn to show.

I was not at peace with the world,
not exactly,
nor with myself,
and yet I felt myself fully alive;
at once alone
and partaking
in the whole universe.

One knows nothing in such a state.
One is beside oneself,
surfing hormones
which outpace
even the plastic brain’s
of catching up.

And even now
when bliss is a little mellowed,
on a spring-sharp Norfolk day, say,
by sparkling hedge,
or indoors
in front of a mediaeval face
in glass or thread,
or a rood screen,
I say to myself,
and sometimes out loud
perhaps to
some startled stranger,
that I feel uplifted –
and at sea.

I have never known faith
nor thought I should love Nature.

But now I know,
what I always felt,
that man
is animated stardust –
the vessel, the vector,
of consciousness
by which –
I sometimes think –
god recreates himself –
for better or worse.

I may yet rage against the insolence
of woodland birds,
which carol
unfeeling Spring
as I waste away
into dead Winter,
and yet
even then
I may hope for a
bird-feeder beyond the window,
as my sister had,
when she died.

And I who have
only a general confidence
in humanity
may yet want
more than anything
to hold a stranger’s hand.


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