Stanley North’s 1924 London & World maps

Posted by RDN under On art on 7 November 2014

In 1924, Stanley Kennedy North drew two maps, one for the Thomas Cook tourist business and the other a London transport map for the 1924 British Empire Exhibition (the one featured in The King’s Speech). Below the fold, I have posted links to the maps, in a form which allows you to zoom, pan and scroll within the images.

The Cook’s map shows some of the steamer routes of the time, and has many genial comments. In this copy, SKN has made a handwritten inscription, “To dear old Paul from Daddy, Feb 6, 1925”. This link will take you an online version of the map which you can zoom, pan and scroll in a new window.

The British Empire Exhibition transport map shows a schematic version of the London Uuderground which is, I think, a novel halfway staging point between the “geographical” representations of MacDonald “Max”¬†Gill (which were contemporaneous with SKN’s work) and highly schematic (and much more famous) 1933 map by Harry Beck. Here’s an online version of SKN’s map.


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