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Everyone wants them, and every elite in the world says it delivers them. Do people really have rights? Where do they have most? Do they deserve them? Do they cherish them? Do they care about other people’s?

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Wasn’t the Gaza aid flotilla just a stunt?

Why we posted this: It’s a commonplace that the pro-Palestinian activists who sailed in a convoy toward Gaza really were on a humanitarian mission.  But it is almost self-evident that they were nothing of the kind.   More »

Themes: Campaigning / Interrogating the Media / Media / Politics / Rights. Posted by Richard D North on September 14th, 2010

BBC: Too canny for its own good?

Why we posted this: The BBC is brilliant at defending its unique £3bn+ a year of licence fee, and its commercial income. It has just announced £600m-worth of budget changes which were cleverly allowed to be presented both as cuts (ie: here’s a slimmer BBC) and a shift to quality (ie: we’re going to be an even better public service broadcaster). Thing is, has the move really kept the BBC safe from criticism? More »

Themes: Media / Money / Politics. Posted by Richard D North on March 8th, 2010

UK kids: Unhappiest in the world, yaddidah

Why we posted this:The papers have been full of bad news about how the UK’s young stack up against the global competition. Badly, of course. Check out the latest gloomy research, from the OECD, and it’s survivable. More »

Themes: Interrogating the Media / Money / Rights / Society. Posted by Richard D North on September 2nd, 2009

The young: “We’re #1 but worthless”

Why we posted this: It’s a commonplace that modern people are unhappy and that there are “studies” to prove it. David Aaronovitch of The Times has devoted quite a few columns to this sort of pseudo-academic work. This time, he’s on about the contradictoriness of one writer’s “evidence” about why young people are miserable (and he’s reluctant to assume they are). More »

Themes: Media / Rights. Posted by Richard D North on August 6th, 2009

HRH Charles blows the constitution

Why we posted this: Prince Charles has intervened once again, but this time for real. Lord Rogers is right to say it’s a constitutional disgrace. The Telegraph should know better than to cheer Charles on. More »

Themes: Campaigning / Media / Politics / Rights. Posted by Richard D North on June 17th, 2009

The City and Westminster have survived their crisis

Why we posted this: The dust is settling on a major political and economic ruction in the UK. So far, the evidence is that our democratic process and economic management will change a little, and for the better.  Most people won’t notice or care. More »

Themes: Media / Money / Politics / Rights. Posted by Richard D North on June 13th, 2009

Trudie Styler: Worth the airlmiles?

Why we posted this: There’s much fun to be had at the expense of Trudie Styler and the helicopters and private jets she uses to defend the planet and its people. But suppose she’s worth the airmiles? Or is she barking up the wrong tree? More »

Themes: Campaigning / Green / Rights. Posted by Richard D North on May 25th, 2009

We need an elite, starting with Parliament

Why we posted this: People have forgotten how badly they need to be governed by an elite. The exposure of MP’s allowances in the Daily Telegraph shows just how far we have gone in misunderstanding the problem of public service. The paper of the professions has descended into tabloid destructiveness.   More »

Themes: Interrogating the Media / Politics / Society / Truth & Trust. Posted by Richard D North on May 9th, 2009

UN admits Israel did not shell Gaza school

Why we posted this: It’s official: the Israeli military did not – as widely reported at the time – shell a United Nations school in Gaza, killing 43 in its grounds. Time for an apology by the reporters? More »

Themes: Campaigning / Green / Interrogating the Media / Media / Politics. Posted by Richard D North on February 4th, 2009

Class warfare and flying

Why we posted this: George Monbiot is quite funny – if a tad over the top – on the way the middle classes are taking most of the advantage of cheap flights. But the squabble over flying is also mostly a middle class affair – like most arguments. More »

Themes: Campaigning / Global Warming / Green / Money / Rights. Posted by Richard D North on January 14th, 2009