[Note (28 August 2012) This site is a little spoof perpetrated for a while by Richard D North at It is now archived as a matter of curiosity and record and even mea culpa.] I am Hugh Curtiss, a business, organisational and spiritual consultant. I love capitalists and politicians. After years behind the scenes, I am dabbling in wider debate. Do join me.


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Peter Weir’s fabulous The Way Back

Posted by HC in Films / Spirituality on 9 February 2011 | No comments ›

This movie is, literally, fabulous. It appears that it’s about a mythical journey. But its realism isn’t wasted. Read more ›

Renoir, Rodin and Matisse in Paris

Posted by HC in Art / Spirituality on 11 December 2009 | No comments ›

An amazing pair of shows in Paris have if possible made me love Matisse more than ever. The greater surprise was that Matisse was inspired by the previous generation represented by Renoir and Rodin. Read more ›

Visiting Brother Frank

Posted by HC in Uncategorized on 6 August 2009 | No comments ›

Just as I was getting really interested and involved in work in the US, I heard that my old monastery was very short-handed again. For some reason, I found myself keen to offer to go back and lend a hand. Read more ›

Recession therapy

Posted by HC in 'Good Business' / Spirituality / Uncategorized on 5 April 2009 | No comments ›

I didn’t expect it, but this last couple of months have been amongst my busiest. Some very rich people are finding time to think. Read more ›

Is this love?

Posted by HC in Celibacy / Monasticism / Spirituality on 24 January 2009 | No comments ›

I have spent a couple of months looking after old monks. It may surprise you to know that some of these holy old men are smelly, scruffy and sweary – just like their secular brothers. Read more ›

Care in the community

Posted by HC in Celibacy / Monasticism / Spirituality on 19 January 2009 | No comments ›

Years and years ago I left a monastic community as a young man. Now, I return as a middle-aged one, and I’m still one of the youngsters. This time, though I am doing the caring. Read more ›

The Prince of Wales: retreats and yachts

Posted by HC in Books / Sanctuary on 13 November 2008 | No comments ›

I am back in my hill-top cell, and very much enjoying the increasing loneliness. I read and write a lot and am aware of the luxury of my circumstances. Oddly, amongst bigger differences, my life has one or two similarities to the way the Prince of Wales lives. Read more ›

Thomas Merton and me

Posted by HC in Celibacy / Monasticism / People on 2 November 2008 | No comments ›

I have the yacht to myself. I shall use the time to remember Thomas Merton, it being close to the 40th anniversary of his death. Read more ›

A serious spirituality for serious times?

Posted by HC in Boats / Spirituality / Travel on 30 October 2008 | 2 comments ›

A bright young correspondent has chided me for being a touch frivolous. Aren’t I selling myself short, he asks? Tapping this out in the main saloon of an oligarch’s yacht, for it to be winged off by satellite, I am in good condition to reflect ruefully on these remarks. Read more ›

Tough love in a recession

Posted by HC in 'In the news...' / Ethics / Spirituality on 15 October 2008 | No comments ›

Lots of people have been e-mailing me for advice about surviving a recession. Indeed, it’s an interesting question. I have often said how lucky people are to be well-off and in a world with rising expectations. What’s my message for a world of falling expectations? Read more ›

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