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HoC Select Committees: Out of control?

Posted by Richard D North under Dare to be dull / The Political Class on 17 July 2011. No comments.

Invented in their modern form in 1979, House of Commons Select Committees were designed to increase Parliament’s scrutiny of the Government of the day, and to do it by “marking” the departments (the ministries) through which it works. That approach has widened a lot, and in the case of bankers, the police and media tycoons, has maybe gone too far…. More »

The Con-Lib’s may not be the real reformers

Posted by Richard D North under 'Power To The People!' / Dare to be dull / The Political Class on 23 May 2010. No comments.

Nick Clegg’s constitutional reforms may be worthwhile. But the big shift to good government depends on MPs getting a bit bolder and braver. More »

The Great Offices of State on TV and in reality

Posted by Richard D North under Post-Bureaucratic world / The Political Class on 1 March 2010. No comments.

Michael Cockerell’s BBC  TV shows on the three Great Offices of State are a sad and not very useful commentary on the state of national debate. Here’s a proposal. More »

MPs: fit for purpose?

Posted by Richard D North under The Political Class on 9 May 2009. No comments.

You can never have a perfect politics or perfect politicians. So what’s to be done when members of Parliament are derided when they behave very well and are despised when – as they fill in their allowance claims – they stray from nobility? More »

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