Welcome to the written world of RDN, aka "the stand-up philosopher". I am a complicated conservative, and a bit hippy and arty round the edges. I am currently working on poems, a memoir and a one-man show. Over all that is an increasing interest in the idea of spirituality. More »

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Poem: A Burridge day sailing

Posted by RDN under RDN's poems on 9 July 2014. No comments.

My friend, the designer, illustrator and writer, Paul Burridge, has been restoring his Macwester 28 for a couple of years and he took a couple of us on her first voyage under his ownership on 7 July 2014. It was a great day. More »

RDN on tax and morality

Posted by RDN under Economics: its ups and downs / Handling protest / Politics and campaigns / RDN's media outings on 11 June 2014. One comment.

I more or less said what I meant to at this event for Christian Aid/JustShare in the lovely St Mary-le-Bow, in the City.

More »

Bernardine Bishop’s “Unexpected Lessons In Love”

Posted by RDN under Mind and body / On books on 10 June 2014. No comments.

This is a very fine book, and well merits the comparison with the writing of Penelope Fitzgerald, which Adam Mars-Jones drew in his Observer review. It’s a comparison as to both classiness and type, and I hadn’t made it, which was dumb of me, since I have been reading and loving Fitzgerald.. More »

Spirituality: Or gardening consciousness

Posted by RDN under Mind and body on 26 May 2014. No comments.

This is the third of my recent pieces on my take on spirituality. The second looked at how my idea of spirituality works within my right-wingery; the first looked at how I frame the idea of spirituality more widely. This one, I hope, will explain a little more about how my definitions of spirituality and of personal consciousness, fit in with the wider human consciousness. So it is in part about how my idea of spirituality fits with Teilhard de Chardin’s Noosphere.  More »

Spirituality, altruism and the right-wing

Posted by RDN under Mind and body / Politics and campaigns on 23 May 2014. No comments.

I have been asked once or twice about the “change of heart” which lay behind my “change of mind”, as I became more right-wing. Leave aside that my “radical” or “progressive” or “green” tendencies of the late 1970s were deviations from my previous and more recent thinking, here is an account of where my “heart” was and is, and how it relates to some big ideas of left and right….  More »

Spirituality: do’s and don’ts

Posted by RDN under Mind and body on 19 May 2014. No comments.

I have written elsewhere a bit about whether spirituality is an idea with meaning, for those of us who claim to be post-God. I usually say it is. Here’s a word or two more about what it might look like and how one might head toward it… More »

BBC R4 Sunday show: faith and business ethics,

Posted by RDN under Economics: its ups and downs / Mind and body / RDN's media outings on 15 May 2014. No comments.

I contributed to a pre-recorded “package” for BBC Radio 4′s Sunday programme on an inter-faith initiative to produce (actually to update) a code of business ethics. This is the sort of thing I mulled-over as I prepared… More »

Senna: F1′s fast-master of the Post Modern

Posted by RDN under Mind and body on 1 May 2014. No comments.

I find, a bit late, that I like a great deal about Formula One, and am slowly learning about some of its characters. I’m afraid I knew nothing about Ayrton Senna, whose death 20 years ago is being marked today, until I read various online posts about him just now. One mini-essay revealed Senna to be a master of the Post Modern…. More »

RDN on Michael J Sandel

Posted by RDN under Economics: its ups and downs / Mind and body / On books on 1 May 2014. One comment.

I meant ages ago to write a note about Michael J Sandel’s What Money Can’t Buy. I read it with mounting irritation and wanted just to mark people’s cards as best I could as to what to watch out for when they come to it…. More »

Ethics and capitalism, after the crash

Posted by RDN under Economics: its ups and downs on 1 May 2014. No comments.

The banking crash made us think about short-termism, the alignment of the interests of managers and shareholders, intellectual delusions and much else. At the heart of the problem is an almost philosophical issue as to the role of ethics and personal character at the heart of institutions. Characteristically, I think I have the answer to this…. More »

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