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MPs have to sort Parliament – not the Government

Posted by Richard D North under Uncategorized on 1 June 2009. No comments.

Gordon Brown wants more rules and laws. Peter Hennessy wants MPs to show more character. Perhaps this is the big new divide on MPs, Parliament and The Constitution. MPs can best show character now by organising their own reform of their own House. More »

Rehabilitating George W. Bush #2

Posted by Richard D North under Rehab for Bush on 27 May 2009. No comments.

Alright, I admit it, Mr Bush’s reputation remains low. But it is fascinating to watch President Obama follow George W’s most controversial policies – the ones for which he is most reviled. More »

MPs to get more power. Great.

Posted by Richard D North under Dare to be dull on 25 May 2009. No comments.

After a few weeks of “crisis”, we’re already past the worst and into some very constructive stuff about the future of Parliament and MPs. Here’s a summary of the proposals so far. More »

MPs: fit for purpose?

Posted by Richard D North under The Political Class on 9 May 2009. No comments.

You can never have a perfect politics or perfect politicians. So what’s to be done when members of Parliament are derided when they behave very well and are despised when – as they fill in their allowance claims – they stray from nobility? More »

Gordon Brown’s YouTube bloomer

Posted by Richard D North under 'Power To The People!' / Dare to be dull / Death of ideology / Presentation or policy? / The Initiative Blizzard / Uncategorized on 28 April 2009. No comments.

Gordon Brown took a lot of stick for his impromptu announcement of an initiative to clobber MPs’ expenses. It shows how careful you have to be when you go in for de haut en bas informal commnications on social media. More »

Lessons from Mr Brown’s outing in the blogosphere

Posted by Richard D North under 'Power To The People!' / Dare to be dull / Presentation or policy? on 14 April 2009. No comments.

There is little surprise in finding that Gordon Brown’s vindictive nature has led him into doing serious damage to his own administration. His team’s failure with Red Rag has wider lessons, though. More »

Alistair Campbell scores over “In The Loop” row

Posted by Richard D North under 'Power To The People!' on 6 April 2009. No comments.

When the BBC’s Culture Show asked Alistair Campbell to chat with its film man Mark Kermode about the new Iannucci offering In The Loop we were bound to have fun. The best of it was that Blair’s spin merchant scored a nice clean win over the right-on luvvie about the merits of politicians. More »

Scandal doesn’t argue for an elected Lords

Posted by Richard D North under 'Power To The People!' on 4 February 2009. No comments.

The alleged abuse of the House of Lords (and democracy) by a few Labour peers shouldn’t detract from the great value of the Lords, nor from the merit of its being an appointed, not an elected, house. More »

Hounding the Shadow Minister

Posted by Richard D North under Uncategorized on 29 November 2008. One comment.

It is early days yet but the police may turn out more right than wrong in their treatment of Damien Green, the Conservative’s shadow Immigration spokesman. More »

Yes Minister, we work for the public interest

Posted by Richard D North under 'Power To The People!' / The Initiative Blizzard on 18 November 2008. No comments.

There was a rather depressing discussion on the Today show. It followed publication of Liam Byrne’s mildly assertive¬†ministerial memo setting out how he liked his private office to be run. As usual, the Man In Whitehall was portrayed as a sly tyrant. More »