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Journalism & short pieces (1990- )

I used to be a journalist (in the sense of writing for newspaper and magazines, which I now very seldom do). Now my short pieces are often written for this site or the Social Affairs Unit web-review of arts and culture.

In the 70s I wrote on painting, art, theatre, TV and music. Here are some pieces from the 90s which revisted these interests (posted under art, music and culture).

I am better known for my scepticism about much "green" and other right-on campaigning (see Environment, and Science & Risk here).

That work ran from around 1985 to 1995. Part of it came from my visits to many places, especially in the Third World: see Travel, and Globalisation here.

I devoted a good deal of effort to writing on representative democracy and protest - in work done around 2000 (see Power here). My more recent work (2000 onwards) has been in pamphlets, see "Books", or directly for this site (see "New Stuff" and "Public Realm"), or in speeches (see "10 Propositions...."), or book reviews for the Independent..

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