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Life On a Modern Planet: A manifesto for progress (Manchester University Press, 1995)

A peer-reviewed and fairly well-received account of how 10 billion people might manage quite well on Planet Earth. Here are various 1995 accounts of the controversy.


Life on a modern plaet - 1.69 Mb

Fools For God
(Collins, 1986)

An exploration of the past and present of Christian monasticism - a rather personal mixture of history and spiritual tourism.

Pamphlets (free download)


Fools for God - 1.02 Mb

Risk: The Human Adventure (ESEF, 2001) The merits of risk-taking and a challenge to the Anxiety Industry

Risk - 536 Kb
GMOs: The troubled beginning of the Biological Century (IEA, 2000) Transgenic crops, their benefits and risks

GMOs - 317 Kb
Hereditary Peers: The case as yet unheard (Social Affairs Unit, 2000) Reform of the House of Lords

Hereditary Peers - 120 Kb
Freedom and Fur: A defence of the fur trade (Institute of Economic Affairs, 2000)

Freedom and fur -  379 Kb
RDN on Protest: A statement for the parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights 2008 inquiry in policing and human rights

RDN on protest -  379 Kb



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