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Are women condemned to misery?

Posted by Richard D North in Society on 2 June 2009

Why we posted this: It is a familiar riff that people are more miserable in the West, and Westerners are more miserable than they used to be. This is mostly nonsense, but there is an important issue to wrestle with: why are women less happy than men? This piece seems sensible all round.

The original story:
“Women less happy….”
Richard Woods
The Sunday Times
31 May 2009

Summary of the story:
This is a very readable account of “female misery” but it is wider ranging on happiness.

livingissues comment:
Almost incidentally this piece usefully notes that (contrary to several modern myths) people are not working longer than they used to, or spending less times with their children, or experiencing more misery. The difficulty is that women do not seem to be experiencing the same increases in well-being that men are.

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