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Nuclear’s Future

Nuclear power may well have a future as part of the battle to secure energy, and if possible low-carbon energy. It’s expensive, its waste lasts for millenia, terrorists would probably like to steal and scatter its by-products. There’s plenty to talk about….

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Stories about this issue

Radiation and Chernobyl realities – at last

Why we posted this: Radiation risk is often exaggerated, and especially in the case of the Chernobyl accident in 1986. The BBC – almost always “environmentalist” in instinct – was almost always wrong about Chernobyl for 20 years. This 2006 Horizon show was its first really decent contribution. More »

Themes: Chernobyl / Green / Interrogating the Media / Nuclear's Future. Posted by Paul Seaman on April 9th, 2008

Nuclear roar set to backfire

Why we posted this: The¬†nuclear industry is not wise to over-state its good¬†case to supply the world’s electricity. This speech by a nuclear industry leader captures the contradiction well. More »

Themes: Green / Nuclear's Future. Posted by Paul Seaman on April 8th, 2008