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Nuclear’s Future: Snapshot

Nuclear power may well have a future as part of the battle to secure energy, and if possible low-carbon energy. It’s expensive, its waste lasts for millenia, terrorists would probably like to steal and scatter its by-products. There’s plenty to talk about….

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Nuclear energy has delivered huge quantities of electricity wherever it has been given sufficient investment. For Europeans, the French exerperience is very important (and this affects the UK, since France sends some of its nuclear energy north, across the Channel). But it also needs a good deal of state support. This is expecially true because nuclear waste poses unique hazards and hence unique licensing and land-use planning issues.

The French public largely seems to accept large national projects, and regards them as valuable to the French cultural identity.The British expereince is very different, with a sceptical public and a great deal of hostile media attention.

Still,  Britain is looking at nuclear with a little more favour, now that anxieties about climate change and energy security make fossil-fuel power less attractive.

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