Three reasons to celebrate this election…

This is perhaps the most exciting election of my lifetime, and I don’t care who wins…..

At this moment (tea time on election day, 6 May 2010) almost any outcome is possible. Let’s count the good things we can expect.

(1) A change of generation in parliament

The new lot may be clots. But they may well be independent-minded, lively, serious, patriotic, realistic, market-minded but compassionate and emotionally-intelligent.

(2) A period of slim majorities

We are in such dire straits economically that circumstances may provide the discipline which makes disparate parties, leaders and backbenchers work out sensible policies to follow and in ways which break old ideological and class moulds.

(3) An invigorated Civil Service

With luck, MPs and even ministers will understand that their role of oversight and direction requires and allows them to make sure that the Civil Service is celebrated as it generates good advice and guidance.

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Publication date

06 May 2010