Three Hobart Poems: Part 1 (audio version)

Posted by RDN under Military Covenant / RDN's poems on 18 May 2016

This is the first of the three poems on the British Army WW2 General, Sir Percy Hobart I have written and performed. This poem, Part 1, Hobo: Man and commander – concentrates on the story of the man and his spanning of warfare from ponies to tanks, from the North West Frontier, via WW1, to WW2, and the many switchbacks in his military fortunes, as he battled with Whitehall and – quite often – the British military establishment.


It was written to be spoken. It is, I hope, in the rather straightforward narrative tradition of English poetry. It is certainly not high-flown poetry. But I hope people will feel that it certainly isn’t prose either.

It runs a little under 22 minutes.

(The remaining part, the third, will be posted in audio, soon I hope.)

The Trilogy is in text form in the RDN site’s Poems category.



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