Poem: A Norfolk Spring Trio #1

Posted by RDN under RDN's poems on 15 March 2017

These Norfolk Spring Trio poems are:

#1 Blackthorn Winter
#2 Church and Copse
#3 Norfolk, UK, The Universe

This is: #1 Blackthorn Winter

Norfolk Spring Trio #1 Blackthorn Winter
Richard D North

The hedges and copses
reached for spring –
but blushing with pinks and reds
as might a young girl
trying on a first slip and stockings.

She is
proud but modest,
not yet greedy for display
but drawn to the mirror,
half fearing the satyr’s gaze,
half thrilling to its promise
of danger and fulfilment.

And so the spring,
quite shy,
overlooked by winter’s gaunt trees,
gray and massive across the fields,
tried out its flaunting,
ready for summer
but daily chastened by hail and snow.

It was a day
of showers and brightness,
and a walker stopped,
and gasped at blossom
and basked in sudden sunshine.

But something shifts:
the weather growls at our complacency,
and if we look towards the Arctic,
its wind stings our eyes

The blackthorn blossom
still tightly bound –
its flowers making tiny fists –
seems to match the hail
bead for bead,
amongst the thorn,
as though it was Christ’s crown
translated into
a bride’s.

It is so cold
the wood anenomes
turn their faces to
where the sun
only sometimes shines
finding little encouragement,
keep themselves furled
as a woman
might cross her arms
against the chill.


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