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Collaborative theatre, self-writing and showing-off

Posted by RDN under Uncategorized on 10 March 2019. No comments.

What kind of public performance should I try to deliver? I used to do quite big presentations for industry, schools, universities and NGOs. I appeared once at the Hay Literary Festival and once at Glastonbury (until I was run out of the latter by grunge eco-freaks). These events were highly argumentative, and entertaining for at least some in the audience, which I very seldom appeased.

Now, I want to face different challenges in a quite different spirit.

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"Scrap the BBC!" Mk II

Posted by RDN under Economic affairs / Mind & body / Politics & campaigns / Uncategorized on 24 March 2014. No comments.

The BBC is likely to become very small, or even disappear, if not paying the TV Licence fee becomes a civil offence (is decriminalised, in the jargon). What an extraordinary turn-up for those of us who thought the BBC an absurdity but also thought that its dismemberment would probably have to wait a generation. That is roughly where I was when I wrote "Scrap the BBC!" in 2006. Here is how things might turn out…. More »

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