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"Scrap the BBC!" Mk II

Posted by RDN under Economic affairs / Mind & body / Politics & campaigns / Uncategorized on 24 March 2014. No comments.

The BBC is likely to become very small, or even disappear, if not paying the TV Licence fee becomes a civil offence (is decriminalised, in the jargon). What an extraordinary turn-up for those of us who thought the BBC an absurdity but also thought that its dismemberment would probably have to wait a generation. That is roughly where I was when I wrote "Scrap the BBC!" in 2006. Here is how things might turn out…. More »

"Top Gear" and Chernobyl

Posted by RDN under On TV & Radio on 17 February 2014. No comments.

I have a soft spot for the absurd Top Gear and its "star in a cheap car" and its supercar features. But above all I like the Flashmanism of some of the team's heroics. Very galling, then, to watch their absurd treatment of  a visit to Chernobyl. More »

How I saved the BBC from the right-wing

Posted by RDN under Climate change / On TV & Radio on 15 November 2012. 9 comments.

All right. My headline may be over-egging things a little. Still, I am pretty sure I helped save the BBC from making a fool of itself over climate change politics. (If I'm wrong, and someone in a position to know lets me know in confidence, I'll cheerfully take this blog down.) The issue is especially interesting to me since I want the BBC to be scrapped but I don't really share the right's horror of its supposed left-wing bias or even the current blogosphere outrage at the BBC's climate coverage. More »

Dimbleby half right on BBC management

Posted by RDN under On TV & Radio / Politics & campaigns on 12 November 2012. No comments.

There was something quite blissful about David Dimbleby's contribution to today's BBC Today programme (12 November 2012). He said the BBC was over-managed, and that such organisations as the BBC and NHS spawned bureaucracies. The paradox here is that he doesn't grasp that one reason that the NHS and the BBC are alike is that they are both state-sponsored behemoths with monolithic tendencies. More »

Reforming the BBC

Posted by RDN under On TV & Radio / Politics & campaigns on 11 November 2012. No comments.

We should hope all hope that BBC is well-managed. Why not give George Entwistle a nice contract to design an organisational and cultural shake-up, now he's free to concentrate on such a cerebral operation? After all, surely the problems which sank him were of others' making, and Lord Patten says Entwistle was appointed precisely on this ticket? More »

Telling iPM how to fund the BBC

Posted by RDN under On TV & Radio / RDN's media outings on 30 November 2008. No comments.

BBC Radio 4's iPM show asked me comment on their finding that people might be prepared to pay (an average of) £143 for BBC services. I replied that with a National Trust of the Airwaves they might pay less and get more. More »

TV: too hot for its own good

Posted by RDN under On TV & Radio / RDN's media outings on 22 November 2008. No comments.

Do the media set a perverse agenda – or do they faithfully record events with a serious sense of priorities? More »

Don't sack Rossy: "Scrap the BBC!"

Posted by RDN under Politics & campaigns on 21 November 2008. No comments.

Charles Moore is wise and clever. But he's wrong to suggest there should be a licence fee strike until Jonathan Ross is fired. That's no way to rid ourselves of smut and smugness on the rates. More »

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