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"Out of the Furnace": *****

Posted by RDN under On movies on 7 March 2014. No comments.

Yes, I am sure Out of the Furnace is that good. I think most of the comment from its creators is very interesting, and reassuring in the sense that what they aspire to seems to be what one warms to and feels to have been delivered. The one big reservation one might have is also overcome… More »

Selsey "Wave": Hokusai homage

Posted by RDN under Climate change / Mind & body / On art on 17 February 2014. No comments.

I am fond of the Selsey "Wave" and its three-dimensional homage to the great 19th Century print by Hokusai… More »

John Craxton, Stanley Spencer and the Levant

Posted by RDN under Mind & body / On art on 3 January 2014. No comments.

The John Craxton show at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge is very lovely, and much more so than I dared expect. This is Ne0-romanticism, or the English Romantic, at its giddy, evocative best. (It is very decently reviewed by Robin Blake in the FT.) It jived surprisingly with the London visit of Stanley Spencer paintings from the Sandham Memorial Chapel. (These are well-reviewed by Adrian Hamilton in the Independent.) More »

Chinese and Japanese art: masters for the West

Posted by RDN under Mind & body / On art on 3 January 2014. No comments.

It was off to the V&A Masterpieces of Chinese Painting 700 – 1900 (ends 19 January 2014)  and to the Fitzwilliam, Cambridge for The night of longing: Love and desire in Japanese prints (12 January, 2014). Yes, I was stupid enough to miss the Japanese Shunga show in the British Museum's Rooms 90/91, the very place which set me off on this quest… More »

If I were an illustrators' patron ….

Posted by RDN under Mind & body / On art on 24 November 2013. No comments.

I have been thinking about why I have found most comics, graphic novels and animated films kind of not what I was after, and what I would love to see – but could only summon-forth from the mind and hand of someone else… More »

Illustrators' prize winners are a revelation

Posted by RDN under Mind & body / On art on 23 November 2013. No comments.

The Association of Illustrators Awards 2013 exhibition tour features some of the most exciting artistic material I've seen this year. More »

RDN's 1977 Jubilee poster #2

Posted by RDN under Mind & body / On art on 1 June 2012. No comments.

Egged on by The Times's item on Flickr, "At Home With the Queen", I have posted this little snap of me and the 1977 Silver Jubilee poster which I made with the artist and printer Ann Brunskill. Details from the poster are here.

More »

The British and Ronald Searle

Posted by RDN under Mind & body / On art / On TV & Radio on 2 March 2010. No comments.

Searle is 90 tomorrow and Channel 4 News ran a tribute interview. Typically, the commentary had to have a little attitudinising. More »

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