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Auto-liberal politics #1 How the centre-left can thrive

Posted by RDN under Politics & campaigns on 17 July 2016. No comments.

In a nutshell: The Auto-liberals have helped the failing working class to put a 1960s liberationist lefty within a whisker of Number 10. Still, the June 2017 election brought out a huge, wide, vote for the Tories. The centre looks very squeezed. But against all the odds, there is plenty of action in a sort of hidden centre-left. The centre might yet be the power in the land which Tony Blair always dreamed it might be. Here’s how. More »

Auto-liberal politics #2 Stop fearing White Van Man

Posted by RDN under Politics & campaigns on 17 July 2016. No comments.

In a  nutshell: nice liberals need to rethink their loathing of the rest of society.

The EU referendum, much more than any other campaign, showed us that substantial swathes of more rather than less educated opinion fear the Tories and the working class about equally. They do so to the point of thinking that there is a vicious, idiot-right, unwashed, illiterate, White Van Man virtual mob which the Tories must pander to. Can we please reframe this nonsense? More »

Auto-liberal politics #4 Join up, join up!

Posted by RDN under Politics & campaigns on 16 July 2016. No comments.

I am not the ideal person to enjoin the under-40s to join a political party, whichever one they sort-of fancy. I haven’t ever joined the Conservatives though for at least 30 years I have known it was the right thing to do, for me at least. Still, here goes…. More »

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