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Grenfell Tower and the professions

Posted by RDN under Economic affairs / Mind & body / Politics & campaigns on 14 September 2017. No comments.

I hope that the official inquiry (and any other) into the Grenfell Tower disaster will discuss the role of professionals and professions in the failure to look after the safety of the residents. I rather doubt that vicious or heartless conspiracy will be discovered. But cock-up probably won’t quite do as an explanation either. In man-made accidents and disasters it is often professionals and professions that turn out to have lacked canny, energetic or brave diligence. The 2008 banking crisis displayed all of the symptoms. Well beyond Grenfell, I think there are several professional dilemmas which need to be stated clearly, and wrestled with. I attempt this below the fold. (1000 words, plus)

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Don’t professionalise journalism, Lord Leveson

Posted by RDN under Politics & campaigns on 8 December 2011. No comments.

The first tranche of┬áprofessors of journalism testified to Lord Leveson today and the result was mildly reassuring. But it is worth stressing how important it is that this trade remain as free of professionalism, certificates, regulation, registration and general tick-box goody-goodiness as possible. More »

Davos Man should stick to his professional knitting

Posted by RDN under Mind & body / Politics & campaigns / RDN's media outings on 30 January 2009. No comments.

Patrick Hosking in The Times and John Gapper in the Financial Times both say interesting things about Davos Man. But they leave the impression that Mr Schwab’s elite festival was about boosting the egos of corporate giants. The real Davos Mistake was quite other. More »

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