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Selsey "Wave": Hokusai homage

Posted by RDN under Climate change / Mind & body / On art on 17 February 2014. No comments.

I am fond of the Selsey "Wave" and its three-dimensional homage to the great 19th Century print by Hokusai… More »

Selsey: The jewel of Manhood

Posted by RDN under Mind & body / Politics & campaigns on 24 November 2013. 2 comments.

[This updates in June 2017 a piece which first appeared in late 2013.]
All my life, like my father and grandmother before me I have known and loved Selsey, in West Sussex. It is the town at the tip of the Manhood peninsula south of Chichester, and famous for the Bill (its beak pointed at the sea). It has for years had Bunn's, Europe's biggest caravan park and now – abutting that – there is a brand new instant wetland, also Europe's largest of the kind. It is, in fact, a-buzz with change and far livelier than previously. Recently, I have taken to day-dreaming about Selsey's future. More »

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