My top ecological heart-tuggers

I love ecological insight and I fear that my enthusiasm is especially piqued when there is a human interface with the workings of nature. Here are my three current favourites.

I’ll do more work on this theme, but here are some leads.

(1) Forensic entomology

Stephen Fry rightly got quite moody as he met the academic who uses maggots and other rather disgusting insects to chart human decay. It’s a growing discipline which times death by the age of the insect communities on the decaying body.

(2) The Microlight Migrations

Animal migrations have the power to make us cry.  But the sight of a flock of birds following a fragile airplane is unbearably touching.

(3)The Plastic Duck Migration

It is rather lovely that a bath toy should reveal so much about the ocean. That it should be a duck may add to it.

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Publication date

25 November 2008


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