Come off it, Mr Marr

Andrew Marr is so obviously nice that it seems unfair to criticise him. But Mr Marr is so infuriatingly, blandly, the decent liberal right-on that I am bound to have a go.

In the Mail On Sunday Andrew Marr gave one of those little Q&A’s which must be the curse of the celebrity life.

You’ll have to read the thing yourself to be sure, but I think the essence of his responses was:

(1) He’d like the BBC to give him fewer shows (he wants more time to paint);

(2) he wants politicians to come on The Andrew Marr Show and commit electoral suicide (by telling us to change the way we live);

(3) he wants the nation be more “stoical” about terrorist outrages because he, AM, finds security checks irritating;

(4) it seems that (3) is at odds with (2) in that he wants his flying to be made more convenient.

(5) He could have had many of these wishes come true if only he’d turned down the chance to criss-cross Britain in aircraft for a TV show.

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Publication date

28 December 2008