Mail On Sunday: RDN not guilty

Dear Reader, I didn’t write the piece which appeared under my name in the Mail On Sunday today.

Don’t worry though. In this site you will find lots of good stuff on climate change and I hope you enjoy it. 

The reason my name and picture appear on a piece not written by me is that it was written by another Richard North. He’s the one who writes books about the Ministry of Defence and food and health matters, the last often with Christopher Booker (such as Scared To Death).

It doesn’t matter much, but I agree with about a third or half of the Mail On Sunday piece.  

Carbon trading has indeed had elements of the scam about it, but it’s early days and the general approach may yet mature into something useful. If it’s true that a coal generating plant very much like Kingsnorth (and hated by the greens) is to be built in India (and supported by climate change funding from the EU and elsewhere), that speaks more to the folly of the UK greens than to the folly of funding of overseas coal plant. After all, the hated plant may be a big improvement on conventional coal plant in the UK. And it may be a massive improvement on the coal plant which would have been built in India without our help.

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Publication date

20 December 2009