Top films of the noughties

In no particular order, here are my top movies of the last ten years. Surely, a vintage period?

My Life Without Me
Nine Queens
Le Gout Des Autres
Walk the Line
Waltzes With Bashir
Summer Things
Shaun of the Dead
5 x 2
Rachel Getting Married
Pan’s Labyrinth
All About My Mother
The Wrestler
Gomorrah (in my all-time Top Ten)
Finding Nemo
Sous Les Bombes
The Barbarian Invasion
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
The Piano Teacher
Bourne Ultimatum
Slumdog Millionaire
In the Mood For Love
Talk To Her
Michael Clayton
Three Kings
Monsoon Wedding
Gosford Park
The Queen
Etre et avoir
Thank You For Smoking
Internal Affairs (Hong Kong)
The Departed (see above)
Flying Daggers
American Ganster
The Pledge
Into the Wild
Gosford Park
36 quai des Orfevres

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Publication date

10 January 2010


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