Kissinger on form on Egypt & the US

Here, courtesy of the best but most irritating TV news in the UK, is Henry Kissinger on the current Egyptian revolution (if that is what it is). It was a masterclass.

Channel 4 News is the only nearly-indispensable hour’s worth of daily new in the UK. Unfortunately, Jon Snow is indulged in his right-on eagernesses (try his Snowmail or blog if you seek a further guide to his thinking).  Here, its Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked Dr Kissinger the sort of questions the right-thinking Guardian or Independent reader thinks he or she knows the anti-American answer to. He growled out a series of answers which were not aggressively right-wing, nor anti-democratic, nor anti-liberal. Far from it. There weren’t even triumphantly merely realistic. It’s amongst the best 13 minutes one can spend.

Oh, and thanks to C4 News’ brilliant technology, it is easy to post here. 

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Publication date

02 February 2011