DSK, “Spiral”, “The Ides…”, Leveson and Max.

Now we seem to have the perfect story – and, yes, I rather admire Andrew Marr for describing it as such on his show this morning. There is plausibe speculation that DSK was the victim of a sting or scam worthy of the view of French politics as portrayed in Spiral. Or should we say that it might be a sting or scam worthy of  American habits, as portrayed by The Ides of March? At the level of script, narrative, theatre, thriller, or whatever, we are having a ball.

It was fascinating to see Max Mosley seem to tell Marr that he supported the idea of DSK as the victim. Well, we’ll see. But I did have a flicker of anxiety as to whose privacy had been invaded here and whose reputation traduced. Pace Leveson, is the unfolding of this saga showing the presss in a good light? For a start, are the methods of the US journalist and his sources kosher? Would Max Mosley really endose them, on reflection?

I have no idea, yet. But what is so absorbing is that we now have the media and cultural habits of the US and France on display in one case. Presumably the DSK story is a nearly perfect comparative study for Leveson.

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Publication date

27 November 2011