Come off it, Porritt, Burke, Secrett and Juniper

Posted by RDN under Climate change / Economic affairs on 13 March 2012

It seems a fabulous cheek for Mssrs Porritt, Burke, Secrett and Juniper (ex-directors of Friends of the Earth) to complain that the UK's nuclear industry will be run by France, for France.

Surely these four men – and the Greenpeace bosses – can claim credit for having driven the UK nuclear industry on to the back foot if not actually into the ground? Friends of the Earth not only dispirited the British public and┬ápoliticians about the nulcear industry, they were for years foremost in condemning almost any sort of industry and engineering as being unspiritual, unnatural and generally not holistic.

It is of course quite possible that nuclear cannot be made usefully commercial, and quite possibly that's because its waste disposal options are rendered uneconomic by green shibboleth. It is also quite possible that the French have mastered the art of making utilities – incuding buying UK utilities – profitable and that the UK has lost it. Those are quite separate thoughts, both depressing.

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  • Written by hellosnackbar on 10/06/12 at 12:53 pm:

    I agree absolutely with you Richard.
    There is nothing that makes my blood boil more than anti science pillocks whose dogma trumps common sense.
    80% of electricity in the land of the frogs is produced from nuclear fission some of which they
    now sell to us.
    I don"t know the current level of our technology ; but research towards a Thorium reactor should be implemented ,instead of wastage on unemployment benefits and our profligate public sector.
    Storage of nuclear waste should be simple in all the out of use coal mines.


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