Five crib-sheets on the Right-Left divide

Here are five cribsheets I have prepared for a New Culture Forum launch/outing (London, 24 October 2012) for The Right-wing Guide to Nearly Everything. They download as PDFs.

RDN on contradictions within the Right-wing
You are likely to be conflicted if you are Right-wing: here are some of the divides within the conceit that some are dim and some brainy.

A quick crib on the mindset of Right and Left: their pathology, neurology, evolutionary psychology, psychology.

RDN on the 4_way right-left split
The divide between the Right-wing and the Conservative Party; the Left-wing and Labour Party. (This PDF has two pages, so scroll down.)

RDN on Right-left nexus
The big picture of difference between the Right- and Left-wings.

RDN on Right-wing,s nice and nasty sides
The Right-wing incudes if it doesn’t actually embrace the very nasty: here’s an anatomy.



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Publication date

18 October 2012