The Right-wing Guide to Nearly Everything/RWG2NE: published

On the day of its formal publication, RWG2NE seems to have a fair presence in the brawling world. It was almost mentioned during my appearance on BBC TV’s The Daily Politics show and  a passsing outing in the Independent did actually feature the book. I remain most thrilled by a little gig, on tax and corporations, on BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme (16 September 2012) which ascribed me as the e-tome’s author. I am booked for a November paper-round n BBC R4’s Broadcasting House. The big question remains: will this book be reviewed widely and prominently as were “Scrap the BBC!” (2007) and Rich is Beautiful (2005); or will it have to do with very few mentions by the commentariat as did Mr Blair’s Messiah Politics (2007) and Mr Cameron’s Makeover Politics (2009)? Meanwhile, thrillingly, there are sales of the eBook over at Amazon.

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Publication date

05 October 2012