Stanley North WW1 “Child’s ABC”, 1914

Sometime during the autumn of 1914 (I am presuming), my grandfather, Stanley North produced these marvellous images to illustrate Geoffrey Whitworth’s “Child’s ABC of the War”. It was in the spirit of much of the artistic and literary response to the declaration of war.

Here is a gallery of the complete work…

  • SKN ABC T_thumbnail
  • SKN ABC A_resize
  • SKN ABC B_resize
  • SKN ABC C_resize
  • SKN ABC D2_resize
  • SKN ABC E_resize
  • SKN ABC F_resize
  • SKN ABC G_resize
  • SKN ABC H_resize
  • SKN ABC I_resize
  • SKN ABC J_resize
  • SKN ABC K_resize
  • SKN ABC L_resize
  • SKN ABC M_resize
  • SKN ABC N_resize
  • SKN ABC O_resize
  • SKN ABC P_resize
  • SKN ABC Q_resize
  • SKN ABC R_resize
  • SKN ABC S_resize
  • SKN ABC T_resize
  • SKN ABC U_resize
  • SKN ABC V_resize
  • SKN ABC W_resize
  • SKN ABC X_resize
  • SKN ABC Y_resize
  • SKN ABC Z_resize
  • SKN ABC cover_resize
  • SKN ABC dedication_resize
  • SKN ABC envoy Paul_resize
  • SKN ABC T_resize and cropped

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Publication date

25 August 2014


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