Handling protest.

Protest is the mark of a free society but that doesn't mean that upstaging Parliament and causing disruption and much worse is the best way of resolving society's arguments.

Tim Lawson-Cruttenden: A memoir

A personal account of Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden, 23 January 1955 - 17 April 2019 : A fine Christian, civil liberties lawyer, cavalryman, charity worker, and sportsman. (2000+ words) Read more...


06 June 2019

Chris Martin on Trump (Or: Fascism, liberalism and karma)

Chris Martin of Cold Play was spot-on when he burst on to Graham Norton's set and described the karmic moment represented by Donald Trump's success in being elected President of the United States. Mr Martin said, in terms, that Trump expressed the feelings of millions of people, and that doing so is a refreshing and crucial part of democracy. Dead right. Read more...


13 November 2016

“Mob-minorities”, democracy and Parliament

The British have been learning a lot about the different sorts of votes and voting that go on in a democracy. The oddest thing that has happened is the emergence into power of a small number of political activists. Both Conservative and Labour political parties - are, just now, at the mercy of their quite peculiar members. So are the vast majority of voters and politicians. Read more...


10 July 2016

RDN on tax and morality

I more or less said what I meant to at this event for Christian Aid/JustShare in the lovely St Mary-le-Bow, in the City. Read more...


11 June 2014

Jack Zwirn, furrier, obituary

This is the obituary of Jack Zwirn, one of London's most extraordinary furriers. Written by RDN, the Independent ran it soon after Jack's death in 2004. Read more...


26 November 2004
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