I visited Chernobyl in 1995 and 2005 and was given excellent access to areas of the ruined reactor and the wider site not normally accessible. I met many people, Russian and Ukrainian, at Chernobyl and in Kiev. I became convinced that the disaster's long-term effects were less than generally assumed.

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#10 BBC Horizon: radiation risk and Chernobyl

This was a note written by Paul Seaman ( as a July 2006  account by the BBC's leading science programme of the different ways of thinking about and accounting for the death-doll from cancer caused by radiation. It helps show why different experts come to very different predictions of the scale of, for instance, the Chernobyl disaster. Trouble is (for those who'd like a simple life) it debunks "LNT" which is the underpinning theory of the low estimates of people like the Chernobyl Forum, and does so by arguing that these are way too high. Read more...


02 December 2010
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