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JCHR’s feeble report on policing protest

I know, I know, it's the parliamentary committee on human rights. So it's bound to fret about whether the police bend over backwards to safeguard protest. But even so, this new report does rather miss the point. Read more...


23 March 2009

10 protest bullet points

A Radio 4 show is interviewing me about modern protest, not least because the parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights is nearing the end of its inquiry into policing and protest. Read more...


18 January 2009

Stay home, Jarvis!

Jarvis Cocker of Pulp seems like a good egg, if a little coddled. He was guest editor of the Today programme on New Year's Eve and agonised about climate and financial meltdown. Strikingly not-novel, his account was partly based on a trip to the Arctic made by a group of artists. How deliciously lacking in irony it all was. Read more...


31 December 2008

So farewell 2008 and the 68ers

Hardly surprisingly the Baby Boomer media elite have been reliving their youthful rebellions and revolutions of 40 years ago. More surprisingly, many have lost their triumphalism. Sadly, too few understand the death of "institution" which characterised the Sixties. Read more...


24 December 2008

Trendy protest: 2008 update

This is a diary of a few salient 2008 manifestations. It has been another year of young trendies doing more harm than good as they fool the media into thinking they are democracy refreshed. Read more...


14 December 2008

Handling protest (1 of 3)

We should be tougher in the way we think about protest. That was the burden of my written evidence to a Parliamentary committee on Human Rights. Sometimes we seem to get heavy about very little. But more often we think disruptive or vicious protest is really sort of OK. It isn't. Read more...


09 November 2008
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