RDN’s archive sites

(1) The RDN blog you are now reading was started in 2008.

(2) Most of what I wrote and said during 1990-2008 is at my earlier site, now an archive: https://richarddnorth.com/archive.

(3) For several years (1995-2012) I ran a web project and business which I eventually called The Right Sites. By the end it had various manifestations which even now may serve as a model to someone:


[NB: I’m afraid on the home page of the FY site, now fixed as an archive, I wrote – in error – that FY had been at the Battle of Jutland. Filson Young was not at the Battle of Jutland, but was with Beatty at the Battle of the Dogger Bank. I also said that Filson Young “discovered” James Joyce: this is a silly mistake. Filson Young did not discover James Joyce, but he did write a positive publisher’s reader’s account of a draft of Joyce’s Dubliners.]

(4) For some years I had a web-based avatar, Hugh Curtiss, with a website and Twitter account, around whom I considered weaving a novel or two. In the end, I decided that anonymity on the web was a bad thing, even as an ironic jape.

You can email me at: rdnorth – “at” – richarddnorth.com