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I am interested in the idea and practice of spirituality: but it may all be nonsense, and I may be venially corporeal. This category is a bit of a catch-all for posts on subjects ranging from the intellectual (I should be so lucky), to the spiritual (likewise) via the psychological and the creative.

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Three special young Britons

I never met Sergeant Lee "Jonno" Johnson, Natasha Richardson or Jade Goody but I am proud of them. I suppose other countries can produce such "types", and that if I were American or French I could point to similarly moving or touching personal stories. But still: Blimey! Read more...


23 March 2009

Julie Myerson’s gift to Jake

The Myerson family saga is a perfect media event. I can think of no-one who is losing. Jake, especially, stands a good chance of benefiting. Read more...


12 March 2009

Carol Thatcher’s “Golly Wog” hell

As I write, I have what used to be called a "Golly Wog" on my desk. I like it. Golly! Carol Thatcher has of course been a complete clot, but you can't help feeling sorry for her. Read more...


04 February 2009

Davos Man should stick to his professional knitting

Patrick Hosking in The Times and John Gapper in the Financial Times both say interesting things about Davos Man. But they leave the impression that Mr Schwab's elite festival was about boosting the egos of corporate giants. The real Davos Mistake was quite other. Read more...


30 January 2009

Stay home, Jarvis!

Jarvis Cocker of Pulp seems like a good egg, if a little coddled. He was guest editor of the Today programme on New Year's Eve and agonised about climate and financial meltdown. Strikingly not-novel, his account was partly based on a trip to the Arctic made by a group of artists. How deliciously lacking in irony it all was. Read more...


31 December 2008

Come off it, Mr Marr

Andrew Marr is so obviously nice that it seems unfair to criticise him. But Mr Marr is so infuriatingly, blandly, the decent liberal right-on that I am bound to have a go. Read more...


28 December 2008

My top ecological heart-tuggers

I love ecological insight and I fear that my enthusiasm is especially piqued when there is a human interface with the workings of nature. Here are my three current favourites. Read more...


25 November 2008
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