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Claire Denis and “White Material”

This stunning movie is a blend of Conrad's The Heart of Darkness (or Apocalypse Now) and Karen Blixen's Out Of Africa (book and movie). Swirl in some Lord Of the Flies and you've sort of got the picture. Goodness knows why the right-ons love it. Read more...


22 July 2010

I Am Love: Flawed masterpiece

For long stretches of I Am Love, I was bowled over in much the way I imagine the movie-makers intended. It had risible patches which didn't quite shake the wheels off the wagon. Read more...


28 April 2010

Revolutionary Row: Gorgeous but thin

Sam Mendes is a very good director but he has a track record of disliking capitalism and isn't a lot better about human relations. Revolutionary Road makes these points almost as well as American Beauty did.  Read more...


21 February 2010
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