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Dominick Dunne: what a story

The late Dominick Dunne, novelist and chronicler of celebrity trials, was by parts Taki, Jennifer's Diary, The Sunday Times Insight team, Edith Wharton, Thackeray, and J J Hunsecker (of The Sweet Smell of Success). Read more...


22 September 2009

Karen Blixen’s house at Rungstedlund

This is perhaps the most beautiful interior I have ever seen. It is at once bohemian and aristocratic. Karen Blixen being who she was, it is determinedly unbourgeois. It is of course also a wonderful pilgrimage site. Read more...


01 June 2009

Rachel Getting Married (2009)

Neurotic young women closely observed make for great movies. Such films set themselves a splendid challenge: can they keep the audience roughly on-side? Kym - our anti-heroine in this piece - is a perfect case in point. Read more...


16 February 2009

Top movie: “The Year Of the Dog” (US, 2007)

Look around any office. Whales wave their flukes at you. Cute dogs wear bows. Yes, there are baby-snaps and families get a look in. But animals really are it. This clever movie takes things a touching step further. Read more...


04 December 2008

Top movie: “Gomorrah” (It, 2008)

This is the best Mafia movie I have ever seen. City of God would run it close, as a gangster movie. But this is about a squarely European scene. This is set in our backyard. And it is about business as well as crime. Read more...


27 November 2008

Top movie: “The Page Turner” (Fr, 2006)

The Page Turner (Fr, 2006). A tale of revenge amongst coolly classical French artistes. Behind the reserve and the good manners, everyone’s highly-strung and sexy and – in one case – thrillingly sadistic. It has a little something of The Secretary. I don’t think this could be made in England:… Read more...


04 November 2008
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