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This is not a party political site and not very partisan in any way. My emphasis has tended to be on the quality of debate and campaigning, and especially on the need to appreciate represtentative democracy (government through elected representatives whose own views matter), and to be sceptical of the claims of vox pop, "the people", social media, Crowd Wisdom, and "direct action".

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BBC impartiality: three cases

John Lloyd (who is one of my moral compasses) writes in his FT TV review (18/19 June 2011) that the BBC's great prides are "enlightenment values and devotion to impartiality". But, as he defines them, are these compatible? Read more...


22 June 2011

Protest update: Ritz and Fortnum & Mason, 26 March 2011

It's early days, and I've seen no definitive accounts of the mini-riots in the West End of London on Saturday 27 March 2011. But they produce further evidence that the police are being told or are assuming that they should not maintain public order in the face of protest, even if the organisers (or non-organisers) signal that they won't co-operate at all, or much. Read more...


28 March 2011

Fukushima: The UK media scores 4/10 so far

It is only a tiny bit cruel to say that so far (16 March 2011) Jon, Krishnan and Anna (to name just the presenting stars of C4 and Sky) have not done well. Neither have the writers of the headlines and the linking material the talent reads. Luckily, some of the specialist… Read more...


16 March 2011

RDN on public sector covenant & pensions on BBC R4

The Today Programme (10 March 2011) asked a  man from Compass (the think tank) and me what we thought about the idea of a Public Sector Covenant. Is there, like the Military Covenant, a special understanding or settlement with civil servants of every sort. I said no.... Read more...


15 March 2011

RDN on aid on BBC Big Questions

The British state is right to have a growing international aid budget. How on earth could a screaming right-winger argue this? Well, BBC1's  Big Questions asked my opinion on the matter and I surprised myself thus.... Read more...


05 March 2011

RDN on Libya on BBC R2

I had a fairlydecent outing on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio 2 today. Since I was defending the UK's behaviour toward Libya in recent years, that was about the best one can expect, I think. Read more...


21 February 2011

RDN on library cuts on BBC R4 You & Yours

Local libraries, like woodlands, seem to inflame the English middle class in a very special way. So it was good fun to go on BBC Radio 4's You & Yours and bat for the closure programme. Read more...


09 February 2011

Kissinger on form on Egypt & the US

Here, courtesy of the best but most irritating TV news in the UK, is Henry Kissinger on the current Egyptian revolution (if that is what it is). It was a masterclass. Read more...


02 February 2011
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