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When asked to argue on TV, radio or on a platform, I usually sketch out 10 propositions which are worth trying to get across. (There's a section like this on the archive site too.)

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RDN on aid on BBC Big Questions

The British state is right to have a growing international aid budget. How on earth could a screaming right-winger argue this? Well, BBC1's  Big Questions asked my opinion on the matter and I surprised myself thus.... Read more...


05 March 2011

RDN on library cuts on BBC R4 You & Yours

Local libraries, like woodlands, seem to inflame the English middle class in a very special way. So it was good fun to go on BBC Radio 4's You & Yours and bat for the closure programme. Read more...


09 February 2011

RDN, the Pope’s visit, and BBC R4’s “Sunday”

I had a v brief outing on Radio 4's Sunday religious current affairs programme, and it's a privilege to be asked.  Here's the crib I prepared for the event, in which I was asked about the protest dimension of the Pope's forthcoming visit. Read more...


12 September 2010

Libya and lying about “The Scottish decision”

Sending Mr al-Megrahi home to Libya has produced one of the most interesting muddles and mysteries of our time. I don't think we can trust anyone in authority to tell us what they really think. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Read more...


02 September 2009

Protest shouldn’t break the law

I'm due on the BBC's The Big Questions show in the morning. One of the subjects is protest and in particular the Climate Camp. If you save the planet, can you break the law? Read more...


29 August 2009

Affluence really isn’t immoral

The BBC's The Big Questions has asked me on to discuss consumerism. Presumably they want me to defend it and I'm pretty happy to do that. Of course, I intend to be a little mealy-mouthed. I am very happy to defend affluence and inequality. I think people do little harm and much good as consumers, but I suppose consumerism is one degree too materialist to be wholly satisfactory.  Read more...


25 July 2009
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