RDN’s media outings.

When asked to argue on TV, radio or on a platform, I usually sketch out 10 propositions which are worth trying to get across. (There's a section like this on the archive site too.)

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“BBC’s monopoly eroded.” Two cheers.

I told Radio 5's breakfast show that Lord Carter's proposal of a shift of a small, marginal BBC budget toward the ITV regional news operation at least had the merit of breaking the principle of BBC monopoly on state funding. Otherwise, it's not all that clever. Locals should pay for local journalism, and probably use cheaper dissemination than TV. Read more...


16 June 2009

10 protest bullet points

A Radio 4 show is interviewing me about modern protest, not least because the parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights is nearing the end of its inquiry into policing and protest. Read more...


18 January 2009

Media mayhem: McCann vs Matthews

It seems tasteless to look at the misery inflicted on two young girls from the point of view of the media coverage given to them. And yet these cases may be linked by the media attention they achieved. That is tasteless. Read more...


04 December 2008

Telling iPM how to fund the BBC

BBC Radio 4's iPM show asked me comment on their finding that people might be prepared to pay (an average of) £143 for BBC services. I replied that with a National Trust of the Airwaves they might pay less and get more. Read more...


30 November 2008
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