Climate change.

I have not been following this debate as obsessively as I once did. I haven't added many posts on the subject since early 2014. I'm a climate change sceptic: I think there are huge uncertainties (good and bad) about the phenomenon of anthropogenic global warming but above all about what policy - inevitably quite weak - will likely achieve.

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Stewart Brand’s Whole Earth Discipline

Drawing on one aspect of Stewart Brand’s new Whole Earth Discipline, this is a rather dense (mercifully short) note about the weakness of most discussion about the merits of action on climate change. Read more...


12 February 2010

RDN on BBC R4 on climate change

On the radio today (BBC Radio 4's You and Yours) I made a fair fist of describing my position on the trustworthiness of climate change science and the IPCC. I did slightly mispeak... Read more...


08 February 2010

A dozen Copenhagen winners

It's a bit early I know but let's assume that there is a weak agreement at Copenhagen that we really, really ought to do something but only what's politically feasible, starting quite soon. Here's a dozen professionals who come away happy. Read more...


04 December 2009

Three takes on climate change science

What kind of a beast is climate change? Is it like speeding in a built-up area, puttings cats amongst pidgeons, or stirring jam into custard? Here's why it matters to know which. (I think it's either the pidgeon or the custard thing, and that it would be nicer if it were the pidgeon one.) Read more...


04 December 2009

Climate Change (AGW): Let’s take it seriously

Most of the books on global warming science and policy are pretty muddled, hysterical or dreamy by turns. Very few have real quality. Mike Hulme's book, Why We Disagree About Climate Change seems to be in a different class. Read more...


01 December 2009

The real climate change deniers

In the run-up to the Copenhagen update of the Kyoto process, the biggest climate change deniers are those who can't or won't see that most of the rhetoric about what we "must" do is so  much hot air. What we ought to do is another matter. Read more...


17 November 2009
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