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Reforming the BBC

We should hope all hope that BBC is well-managed. Why not give George Entwistle a nice contract to design an organisational and cultural shake-up, now he's free to concentrate on such a cerebral operation? After all, surely the problems which sank him were of others' making, and Lord Patten says Entwistle was appointed precisely on this ticket? Read more...


11 November 2012

“Rev” could not have imagined Justin Welby

Eton, Trinity (Cambridge), Elf, Alpha (Holy Trinity, Brompton), Newsnight (“The trouble with austerity is, what’s a slight chill in Chelsea is a pretty good ice age up here.”), Imagine (played on the bells of Liverpool Cathedral) and on to Lambeth. It’s a heavenly progression, and a testimony to the insight of the BBC’s Rev.… Read more...


10 November 2012

Team GB and UK Plc

Britiain's economic success clearly matters just now and it's germane to wonder if the Olympics have helped. Here are some pros and cons on the matter. Read more...


11 August 2012

RDN on BBC1 Sunday Morning Live

SML had me make a little movie on the value of greedy and especially greedy bankers (my script is below) and then debate the issue with Diane Abbott and Rosie Millard. Luckily, Ruth Porter of my beloved IEA and Jamie Whyte, the free market philosopher, Skyped in to say some of the things which I ought to have done. Here's what I wanted to say and nearly did (these things never go quite to plan)... Read more...


02 July 2012

Ten dysfunctional female TV cops

What a wonderful crop of young women we have in our crime thrillers just now. They are all obsessive, let's say. Their work-life balance isn't what it might be. Some stray into the autism spectrum and some claim great chunks of it. I make ten, and counting.... Read more...


07 May 2012

The Dickensian 2011 myth

Ian Hislop very nearly told us (When Bankers Were Good, BBC2) that Dickensian bankers were more moral than our own. A couple of literati on the Today show  (BBC Radio 4, 7 December 2011) did actually say how awful and Dickensian our times are. (The inequality! The homeless!) So which is it? Read more...


07 December 2011

Radio 4’s Food Programme on “real food”

In recent episodes of  BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme there have been interesting examples of - and some challenges to - the show's dogma. I think it is fair to say the show is crusading for something it calls "real food". But what is that? Read more...


24 November 2011

Sarah Lund vs Laure Berthaud

So. You're a crook, a colleague, a swain: which of TV's top female cops do you fear or hope for? The French Berthaud of Spiral is needy, sulky. There's an element of the kittenish. The Danish Laure of The Killing is laconic and schtum to the point of surliness. Both are romantic figures. Both are richly sympathetic. Read more...


23 November 2011
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