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Dominick Dunne: what a story

The late Dominick Dunne, novelist and chronicler of celebrity trials, was by parts Taki, Jennifer's Diary, The Sunday Times Insight team, Edith Wharton, Thackeray, and J J Hunsecker (of The Sweet Smell of Success). Read more...


22 September 2009

BBC is nearly history now

The BBC won't survive the next five years without massive changes. It'll get (or keep) a lot less licence fee. It is much weaker than it ever has been. It is likely to be privatised. Read more...


20 September 2009

Jon Snow’s righteous indignation

I never quite know whether Jon Snow is genuinely quaking with rage when he cranks up the aggression from time to time. Anyway, his outrage over MP's allowances is hard to take. Read more...


12 May 2009

Time for a media funding revolution

Serious journalism is in dire financial straits. All its business models are under threat. It's time for the literate, affluent, bossy middle class to club together and fix things. They did it for buildings and landscape. Now they can do it for the national debate. Read more...


17 January 2009

Still pro-Israeli, I’m afraid

So far as I can see almost all polite opinion is sure that Israel has behaved very badly in recent weeks in Gaza. I - rather tentatively - beg to differ. Read more...


15 January 2009

Stay home, Jarvis!

Jarvis Cocker of Pulp seems like a good egg, if a little coddled. He was guest editor of the Today programme on New Year's Eve and agonised about climate and financial meltdown. Strikingly not-novel, his account was partly based on a trip to the Arctic made by a group of artists. How deliciously lacking in irony it all was. Read more...


31 December 2008

Come off it, Mr Marr

Andrew Marr is so obviously nice that it seems unfair to criticise him. But Mr Marr is so infuriatingly, blandly, the decent liberal right-on that I am bound to have a go. Read more...


28 December 2008
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