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A defence of Murdoch and News Corp

I've had a comment that my review of the revived Hare and Brenton play Pravda (Chichester, 2006) was wrong-headed in its defence of Rupert Murdoch and that I should, in the light of current events, apologise for it. I see my critic's point, I hope, but I don't agree.... Read more...


14 July 2011

BBC impartiality: three cases

John Lloyd (who is one of my moral compasses) writes in his FT TV review (18/19 June 2011) that the BBC's great prides are "enlightenment values and devotion to impartiality". But, as he defines them, are these compatible? Read more...


22 June 2011

Fukushima: The UK media scores 4/10 so far

It is only a tiny bit cruel to say that so far (16 March 2011) Jon, Krishnan and Anna (to name just the presenting stars of C4 and Sky) have not done well. Neither have the writers of the headlines and the linking material the talent reads. Luckily, some of the specialist… Read more...


16 March 2011

Kissinger on form on Egypt & the US

Here, courtesy of the best but most irritating TV news in the UK, is Henry Kissinger on the current Egyptian revolution (if that is what it is). It was a masterclass. Read more...


02 February 2011

Two cheers for Stephen Fry on BP’s spill

Stephen Fry has visited the coastline and the waters of the US's Gulf of Mexico and declared them to be, well, what? The victims of a spill, obviously. Maybe even the victim of the clean-up, for all we know. But not, he feels, the victim of any obvious post-accident wickedness or folly on BP's part. That was, I think, the take-away message of Stephen Fry and the Great American Oil Spill (BBC2, 7 November 2010). But the interest of the programme is not limited to Fry's being fairly sensible. Read more...


08 November 2010
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