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Andrew Marr bans dodgy facial hair

Andrew Marr seems so obviously nice and clever that it seems odd to find some of what he says very irritating. Last Sunday, for instance, he announced on his BBC1 Sunday show that he thought that there ought to be a crackdown on dodgy facial hair.... Where would would this end? Read more...


14 September 2010

RDN, the Pope’s visit, and BBC R4’s “Sunday”

I had a v brief outing on Radio 4's Sunday religious current affairs programme, and it's a privilege to be asked.  Here's the crib I prepared for the event, in which I was asked about the protest dimension of the Pope's forthcoming visit. Read more...


12 September 2010

“Welcome To Lagos”: They can keep it

There is an enormous amount to be said for Africa. Stoicism and good humour would be right up there as attributes which abound. Famously, Nigerians have all that in spades. Last night's BBC film concentrated on a Lagos rubbish dump and its scavengers. Read more...


16 April 2010
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