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So farewell 2008 and the 68ers

Hardly surprisingly the Baby Boomer media elite have been reliving their youthful rebellions and revolutions of 40 years ago. More surprisingly, many have lost their triumphalism. Sadly, too few understand the death of "institution" which characterised the Sixties. Read more...


24 December 2008

Have a fatty Christmas

I've been a bit of a feature at obesity and health conferences recently. You can imagine my line: Eat less, do more. Good right-wing stuff. And anyway, most young people seem pretty much like whippets to me, damn them. Seems I'm more right than wrong. Read more...


23 December 2008

Media mayhem: McCann vs Matthews

It seems tasteless to look at the misery inflicted on two young girls from the point of view of the media coverage given to them. And yet these cases may be linked by the media attention they achieved. That is tasteless. Read more...


04 December 2008

Telling iPM how to fund the BBC

BBC Radio 4's iPM show asked me comment on their finding that people might be prepared to pay (an average of) £143 for BBC services. I replied that with a National Trust of the Airwaves they might pay less and get more. Read more...


30 November 2008

Strictly Come elitism

John Sergeant has sparked the most interesting argument about democracy since - oh, I don't know, since George W Bush did or didn't win the popular vote and was rescued (or not) by the Electoral College in 2004. Read more...


20 November 2008

Dishing the “Mutton Renaissance”

I can't stand BBC Radio 4's Food Programme. This is odd since it's about my beloved farming industry and food - to which my mind wanders constantly. It's the propaganda I can't stomach. Read more...


17 November 2008

Rich Kid, Poor Kid

This marvellous show was like a minute Dickens novella. Of course it was unfair: the odds against the poor little rich girl coming out ahead were very small. And yet one's heart went out to her. Read more...


16 November 2008
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